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CFA-franc is the currency of several countries

The following countries uses CFA-franc as the official currency. If you plan to travel to or trade with any of these countries. Click and learn more here first:

» Benin (XOF)

» Burkina Faso (XOF)

» Central African Republic (XAF)

» Ivory Coast (XOF)

» Equatorial Guinea (XAF)

» Gabon (XAF)

» Guinea-Bissau (XOF)

» Cameroon (XAF)

» Mali (XOF)

» Niger (XOF)

» Senegal (XOF)

» Chad (XAF)

» Togo (XOF)

A currency refers to a means of payment in one or several countries.
A currency can be shortened as a currency code of three letters.
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