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Our website address is: The site is operated by GetWebbed AB (Swedish company) and can be reached at info[AT]

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


We use software from Google to measure and analyze traffic to our website (Google Analytics). We only analyze on aggregrated data on a group level and never down to personal level. The information is not shared with any other parties but stored with Google for data processing.

The information beeing sent to Google is the visited url and your IP-address. Storage and reading of cookies can occur. You can inactivate cookies in your browser if you want your activity not be measured. If you want to hide your IP when surfing, you can use a service for anonymous surfing.

Here you can read more about how Google uses information about our website usage and how the constantly work on beeing leveled with current laws and regulations regarding personal data GDPR – Google Compliance.

Additional information


We are using Google Adsense to deliver customized ads. Google are the data collector and read here if you want to know more about how Google handles data in ad products. You will also find information on how to control what data are beeing sent and collected.

Affiliate programmes

We are enlisted in affiliate programmes through affiliate networks. These are created for helping companies increase their sales online. Clicks on external links on this website might be affiliate links. When clicking the affiliate network and the company website will store information about referring site.


If you have questions about this website and the privacy policy you can send an email to us at info[AT]

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