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Lats (LVL) is the currency in Latvia

Facts about Lats

  • Country:
  • Currency:
  • Currency code (ISO 4217):
  • Short for the currency:
  • Currency subunits:
    100 santimu

The Latvian lats was introduced as currency in Lativa in 1922, replacing the rublis from 1918. The lats was valid until the occupation by the Soviet Union in 1940. It was introduced again in 1992. Latvia is a member of the European Union but does not meet the criteria to change into euro. It has a fixed exchange rate to euro at 0.702.

Where is Latvia?

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Latvia is a country with borders to Estonia, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. The country has a coastal line to the Baltic Sea. After beeing part of the Soviet Union, Latvia became independant in 1991.

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