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Convertible Mark (BAM) is the currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Facts about Convertible Mark

  • Country:
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Currency:
    Convertible Mark
  • Currency code (ISO 4217):
  • Short for the currency:
  • Currency subunits:
    100 feninga

Konvertibilna marka (Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark) is the currency used in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Banknotes are available in two different versions, one held by the Bosnia and Herzegovina federation and one by the Republika Srpska. Both are valid throughout the country. The currency was introduced in June 1998 and replaced the dinar and kuna as a result of the Dayton agreement. The currency has a fixed exchange rate since 2002 to euro at 0,511.

Where is Bosnia and Herzegovina?

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a republic in south Europe with Sarajevo as capital. The country has 4.5 million inhabitants in three different ethnic groups - bosniaks, serbs and croats. The country was part of Yugoslavia before the bosnian war in the late 90s.

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