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Barbadian dollar (BBD) is the currency in Barbados

Facts about Barbadian dollar

  • Country:
  • Currency:
    Barbadian dollar
  • Currency code (ISO 4217):
  • Short for the currency:
  • Currency subunits:
    100 cents

Barbadian dollar is the currency called used in Barbados. The currency in its current form was introduced in 1972 and replaced the East Caribbean dollar. The currency has a fixed exchange rat to US dollar at 0.5, i.e. 2 BBD = 1 USD. The source for the currency is the Central Bank of Barbados - CBBa with headquarters in Bridgetown.

Where is Barbados?

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Barbados is an island country in the West Indies with a tropical climate. The economy has long been based on export of sugar and rum. During the 1990s the focus has shifted more towards tourism. There are only around 280 000 inhabitants with mostly african origin. The official language in Barbados is english.

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